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Setting Perm

For the people who are preferring curly hair, now we’re introducing a new technique for curly perm called “Japanese Set Perm.”

Remember after a regular perm, your hair become very dry on the ends? That’s because the perm lotion is too strong that takes away the keratin protein in your hair. The same thing will NOT happen for Japanese set perm.


There are 3 steps in set perm, which are similar to a regular perm. First, we’ll soften the hair. And then put on some special kind of ceramic rolls and the set perm machine. We are the only salon in Vancouver that has the set perm machine. The set perm machine transfers heat through ceramics rolls in order to change the shape of the hair permanently. Last of all, we put on some setting rolls and apply the neutralizer to keep the shape stay curly.

Set perm can be done on all kinds of hair as well as straightening. The difference is that one doesn’t have to come back so soon and get the roots done. Even though the new hair grows out, the bottom part of the hair will stay curly. Therefore even a year go by, the curls will still be there! Also if you didn’t want it so curly, just simply comb through your hair with fingers. Easy with curly hair is not impossible anymore!!


  • Not as damaging as normal perm; hair has a very soft and smooth result
  • No curls on roots; won’t look like “grandma”!!
  • Very natural, big waves
  • Curls stay permanently
  • Easy to manage

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