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De-ionization Hair Straightening

De-ionization straightening perm is a Japanese technique that can permanently straighten the hair until the new hair grows. The name “De-ionization” actually stands for “straightening perm” in Chinese, because it’s so famous in Asia. Therefore lots of Chinese salons are trying to do this technique but no one is as successful as us.

There are 3 steps in the processes of straightening. First of all, we use the softening lotion from Japan to break the cuticle bonds of the hair without damaging too much the hair. Even coloring hair is more damaging than straightening. Secondly, we iron the hair straight with the professional use straightener from Japan, in order to change the shape from curly to straight. Lastly, apply the neutralizer on the hair to close the cuticles.


After the straightening, one only has to finger-dry the hair with a dryer after shampoo, and do the re-growth part after 6~8 months! For people spending tons of time blow-drying hair, or spending money to go to a salon for a blow-dry once a week, straightening perm will show you how easy and convenient it is.

Basically, we can permanently straighten all kinds of hair: Africans’ hair, colored hair, frizzy fine hair, even bleached hair. If one’s hair had been damaged before by bleaching or coloring, we invented a “penetrating revitalizing protein mask” or simply “ionic mask” to save coarse and porous hair. This hair mask is totally different from a regular conditioning treatment. The keratin protein in the mask can go through the cuticle layers of the hair and nourish the hair from bottom to top. After the mask, you can feel your hair become a lot smoother than before, which is the normal treatments cannot give you.


  • Save time blow drying hair; easy to manage
  • Calm originally frizzy hair down
  • Straightened hair will be permanently straight until cut off
  • Look younger in straight hair
  • Can still color hair after straightening

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